Some say C.C. Vendors will be like the Amazon or Ebay of Weed

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Some cannabis industry pundits are saying Canadian Cannabis has the potential of becoming the “Amazon or Ebay of Weed”.  Although we certainly have the infrastructure and capabilities to follow their business models, the truth is we will be NOTHING like them! C.C. is all about providing our readers and consumers with the finest and latest cannabis products through our top shelf list of Wholesale and Retail Cannabis Vendors.  C.C is a peer reviewed open marketplace, but unlike Amazon and Ebay, we focus solely on cannabis and cannabis related products. We’re proud to have just launched with a few vendors already. You can see our charter member retail vendors HERE.

Our plan and purpose is to showcase multiple Canadian dispensaries’ cannabis and cannabis products on our website. We are currently seeking additional RETAIL & WHOLESALE CANNABIS VENDORS. Vendors can either sign up HERE or use the “Weed Needs? Retail or Wholesale Enquiries Questions & or Comments” form HERE.

As more Vendors join Canadian Cannabis, our reach will continue to grow. The C.C. dispensary fee (10% gross sales generated within our site) gives vendors access to our vast social network of consumers. We reach over 2000 unique visitors on our website daily, and tens of thousands of friends and consumers on our active network of over 50 social pages, groups and social media platforms including Facebook and others. Our network is currently growing exponentially weekly, and likely far more than most independent dispensaries can ever hope to grow in a year!

We provide …
Social Media exposure and prominent placement on our site.
Custom unique eCommerce page on our website.
Forum support for customer queries.
Product reviews, payment solutions, full support and social media public relations.

AND remember we only get paid from sales we drive within our site. (15% gross sales)

Like retail giants eBay and Amazon, we provide the small guys with a place to sell with a reach that is sure to exceed their own lead generation efforts. We’ve tested our concepts and social networking and marketing with THC Delivery, and just today brought in 1117 targeted unique visitors. Granted, we are no where close to our potential during this initial stage of launching, but rest assured that we have the momentum to take us to success. We simply wish to secure a few more vendors before we go full bore!

The next 10 vendors will have our professional designer add their top 15-20 products, build their web pages on our site, and even a branding logo at no cost. All Vendors will receive full access to edit and add products and pricing. All shipping and weight variables are added too just like your own site, and for those that do not have websites we can help you with this too – all included in the deal (for now).

You can cancel at any time, so give it a try and SIGN UP NOW at no cost.

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