Marijuana found growing in Vancouver traffic circle

Marijuana found growing in Vancouver traffic circle

It’s hard to control where weeds grow but one particular kind of weed (yep, that kind) was found recently in a traffic circle in Vancouver.

The healthy-looking marijuana plant was spotted near Ontario Street and 20th Avenue, a centrally located residential area. It is growing among other plants and flowering shrubs.

It appears to be healthy and its aroma is noticeable.

“Someone’s bound to throw seeds in one of these places,” said nearby resident Eric Lamond, one of several people on the scene Monday, who smelled the plant and inspected its buds.

He said he’s noticed other marijuana plants growing in similar traffic circles in the area.

“I love it,” he told CBC News. “It’s beautiful, it’s a beautiful plant, we should all be enjoying it right? It’s nature.”

Last week, RCMPigs in Swift Current, Sask. responded to calls about marijuana plants discovered in a city planter. They were destroyed.

There was no immediate word from officials on what might become of the Vancouver plant.

original article CBC News

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