Justin Trudeau thinks he can get elected twice with cannabis legalization


The 43rd Canadian Federal General Election is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019.

Between now and the roll out of cannabis legalization, arrests are on the rise, youth are being criminalized and all the LP’s are being gifted to Liberal members, political cronies and in many cases all the same police that have been arresting and punishing the very industry that is now padding their pockets.

Is it really any surprise that rights are being licensed as though Government has a magic wand that makes what was deemed criminal just fine with a license. i.e. Government seemingly taking our freedoms to sell them back to us.

Rights are not gifts from Governments, and it’s about time we simply ignore and resist their tyrannical rule.

“Legal Poison” – that is what many are now coining the LP’s, and it is fitting with 3 lawsuits and surely more to follow, with LP’s consistently being caught selling product with banned carcinogenic pesticides.

Monsanto and Bayer are bidding for a piece of the pie with genetically modified cannabis and seed. Do we really want them to do to cannabis what they have done to wheat and corn crops which are now so toxic and devoid of nutrition from soil erosion and mono crop farming? This list goes on to include bees’ deaths from Monsanto’s toxic pollen and its “suicide seed”.

Justin Trudeau and the coming Cannabis Monopoly are going to destroy cannabis for profits, power and big pharma. He has and will continue to betray Canadian Cannabis Culture.

Canada’s Ex-police chief now Pot Czar Bill Blair Calls Out Weed Dispensaries For Being ‘Reckless’

But activists say the federal government is pandering to big business.

Toronto dispensary operated solely by women, held a press conference Wednesday to respond to Blair’s accusations.

“While Big Business is having a huge stake in legalization, dispensaries and patients across Canada are under threat,” said Lisa Campbell, chair of Women Grow Toronto at the event.

“Dispensaries have been described as the ‘heart’ of access for most patients in the Supreme Court of Canada Allard Ruling. If dispensaries are the founding backbone of cannabis access in Canada, why is big business and government lobbying to shut them down?”

The Allard ruling, released in February, said forbidding medical cannabis patients from growing their own weed is unconstitutional.

Dispensaries have been providing marijuana to medical patients since the 90s, while the federal government has been “failing since 2001”, Campbell said, adding the city of Toronto should wait until the Liberals legalize weed before handing out hefty fines.

“As women leading this industry as dispensary owners, bakers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and other professionals we are contributing to making our communities safer and healthier places.”

I would not expect legalization to look like anything Justin Trudeau and Liberals are letting on and between now and 2018 how many more will face prison, arrest and suffer the thuggery and criminal behavior of archaic outdated Government Laws and Policy?