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    Jason wettstein

    **This review is an honest and unbiased opinion. I have received some products promotionally for the purpose of giving my honest review. Not all of the products I review have been received promotionally. They all get the same treatment.**

    Animal Cookies – A potent sweet and sticky hybrid with mainly Indica effects.

    Initial Impressions:

    This stuff is really gorgeous. Big, fat buds covered in a layer of sticky trichomes. Not many orange pistils to be seen, but the flowers are light green with beautiful deep purples generously mixed in. It smells very sweet and rich, with notes of coffee or chocolate. Inside it looks absolutely delicious; gleaming trichomes and all that purple!

    Bonged, it gives a medium throat hit. It exhales very sweetly with an edge of skunk. In a vape, this is really tasty. Rich and sweet with a pungent twist to remind you what you’re doing.

    Effects are pretty heady, it definitely leans towards the Indica side of the family tree. A fairly potent strain, this relaxes while fostering creativity. It has a fairly good body component as well, making it a decent strain for pain relief.

    *I will be updating this with more (better) pictures and perhaps video at some point*

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