Listen up, Canada! Cannabis use not a privilege, it is a right!

Complacency is at the root of all that becomes bad policy and law. The majority of Canadians want Cannabis decriminalized, and with fake legalization looming for July 2018, more Canadians than ever will face criminal records, prison and fines.

Speaking personally, in order to live any kind of quality of life, I need to eat and juice vegetables (including cannabis) daily. Whenever I find myself thrown off of my dietary regimen, my health goes on a noticeable decline rather quickly.

Truth is, I was almost crippled with pain and inflammation until just a few months ago and until I began adding juiced cannabis leaf to my daily diet. Prior to self medicating with juiced cannabis, the Doctors were quick prescribe powerful pharmaceuticals, ultimately leading each time to misdiagnosis. At one point, I was even given Lithium for what I now know was a Vitamin B1 deficiency. Further this, I was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I seem to have issue was poor magnesium and potassium absorption. What really ended all my pain was the addition of cannabis juice. I use a cannabis strain called Fedora Cannabis which is essentially hemp with no THC but high CBD and now I also take CBD Isolate.

Like many Canadians this CBD and cannabis use makes me a criminal by the definition of Canadian Criminal Code, yet “the Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect.”  read more

Let’s be clear, Canadian’s health and welfare is a right not a privilege! It is my inalienable right to maintain my health, as it is the right of all Canadians.

I am not asking for money or even free medical. And honestly, Doctors today seem more like pharmaceutical pimps than doctors from my youth. I remember when Doctors used to care and take time to see what you were eating and not eating . Most often a vitamin was recommended as the remedy … but not today. These days, I am still unable to get any Doctor to test for nutrients in cells, despite the fact that it is not what’s in your blood, it’s which nutrients your cells contain and can absorb.

My old Doctor said to me “I would lose my license – Health Canada will not pay for these tests“. How disgusting is it to have Governments tell us what is for our own good. They will criminalize us for maintaining health and they will imprison me and others for trying to live a good life without pain, all for a harmless plant.

Wake up, Canada … is that the real story?

Consider this … The same Canadian Government that allows Bisphenol A in food, that allows 20% of baby food to have led, that has over 200 Canadian communities without drinking water, 1 in 7 (or 4.9 million) people in Canada live in poverty.

We all know Justin Trudeau and Canadian Government is always on about how they want to protect the children, well please read this:

Canadian Child Poverty

Children and youth under 18 are particularly vulnerable to conditions of poverty. The following statistics outline risk factors and the realities of youth poverty in Canada.

  • In Canada, 1.3 million children live in conditions of poverty (that’s 1 in 5).
  • 1 in 2 Status First Nations children live in poverty.
  • 8% of children in British Columbia live in poverty, with children under the age of 6 representing an even higher poverty rate of 20.1% (both are higher than the national average of 18.5%)
  • 1 in 5 children in Edmonton under the age of 18 live in poverty, which increases to 1 in 3 children in single-parent families.
  • 40% of Indigenous children in Canada live in poverty, and 60% of Indigenous children on reserves live in poverty.
  • More than one-third of food bank users across Canada were children in 2016.
  • About 1 in 7 of those using shelters in Canada are children.

“Many PTSD patients report symptom reduction with cannabis, and a clinical trial needs to be done to see what proportion and what kind of PTSD patients benefit with either cannabis or the main active ingredients of cannabis,” says Dr. George Greer, one of the researchers.

Others including myself know that each individual has the right to medicine, health, spirituality, and yes even recreational use of cannabis.

Rights are NOT gifts from Governments. We believe the results of numerous trials are in and cannabis is helping many. It saved my life and I personally cannot live without it. Quite frankly, I think many Canadians are as disgusted as I am with policy being used make a few so Called “Legal Producers” (LP) rich on the backs of those with disabilities, Veterans and ultimately most Canadians.

Imagine Legalization where 2 Veterans live in the same home. They are now expected to grow enough cannabis with 3 plants, and each plant must be less then 3 feet tall or face a criminal record and prison time. Yes, and many are coining this #fakelegalization for good reason. I can tell you personally that I need 30 or more plants to meat my medical requirements, (I juice 2 handfuls of leaf each day). To make it through the winter I would need closer too 200 plants as I am not growing indoors.

So should we face prison or a criminal record for growing this harmless plant? Is Canada so insistent in keeping me unhealthy that it will spend money to put me in prison where I would likely die because of my condition? Have they considerdd that this would rob my little girl of her Daddy over a few plants?

Famous Canadian physician Gabor Maté is very well known for speaking on addiction and drugs. He says “Addiction is not the problem, its the addicts attempt to solve a problem”  I would expand on this to say the more we try to outlaw problems, the more criminals we make and the less problems we will solve.

It is my opinion that the Canadian Government, much like the all the world’s Governments, is attempting to criminalize systems of bad policy and not look to making better policy. They are lazy or criminal themelves. I believe a measurement of a successful society is the less laws it needs to function, not more laws. The solution is not in building more prisons, but more community, more hospitals, and a more compassionate society that cares for everyone to a minimum standard.

Child poverty should be outlawed and government pay and tax increases should be frozen. How is it acceptable to fund prisons while law abiding citizens live through short falls on school and hospital budgets, forgetting our very own 1.3 million children in Canada! The current social and emotional environment creates these long term problems and the pain and suffering of so many. Added to that, the number of our abused Canadian children is at epidemic proportions.

Next we have our Veterans, sent to awful environments and returning home only to live in fear as their Canadian Government cuts loom, showing how much they care. We don’t have to add to this suffering with punishment – this is what Canadians complacency is going to earn us as our government no longer represents anything more that greedy corporate interests and foreign elites. Consequences of pot program cuts ‘should be alarming,’ says veteran with PTSD .

Canada will not find health in outlawing medicine for fear of abuse. Drug misuse and abuse is never cured by laws. Consider the Down Town East Side in Vancouver. I challenge you to tell me how outlawing heroin has done anything to stop abuse. Yet, we have not made opiates illegal.

Extreme comparisons like this though are silly because cannabis has no death toll. We have the Canadian Government using Cannabis Fake Legalization to bring in more Police State policy with random checks, searches and forced blood and urine samples.

This interesting Video covers some of these concerns – Legalizing Cannabis in Canada by 2018 – what you need to know. I often thought that what Trudeau and his cronies meant by legalized was simply legalese linguistic rubbish.

A safe cannabis supply is at best a crap shoot with LP’s. Medical marijuana companies face proposed class-action suits over pesticide use in the news over and over again. We know first hand “Legal Producers” are providing unsafe and poor quality products, and in some cases poison. Hence they are often called LP’s as in Legal Poison. We receive letter after letter from patients, and CC Vendors are offering them such silly low prices that there is hardly any money in it. We charge a maintenance fee of 15% and this has never been paid as we just instruct Vendors to use it towards helping patients who really need it.

Vancouver and many other Municipalities have and are licensing Vendors like ours, and outright ignoring federal policy in favour of the people in need and the lack of quality and supply that the LP’s clearly cannot fulfill. I know first hand of private growers that sell to LP’s and I know of dispensaries that buy from LP’s. This further complicates the problem of LP’s using pesticides on their own product.

The Canadian courts have repeatedly struck down legislation restricting usage of medicinal marijuana as unconstitutional, as an infringement of the right to liberty and security of the person. Liberty, in this context has been interpreted in two ways. The first is founded on a conventional understanding of the term “liberty” in that violations of marijuana usage prohibitions may trigger criminal prosecution. In the event of a conviction, there is a risk of imprisonment that clearly leads to a deprivation of liberty. The broader interpretation of liberty is the right to make decisions of personal importance. This right is endangered when the state uses the threat of criminal prosecution to restrict a person’s choices—in this context, the choice of medical treatment.

The courts have generally agreed that within the right to security of the person, there must be protection from state intrusion into personal decisions made by an individual whose life or health is in danger. In a seminal case in Canadian human rights law, R v. Morgentaler, the Court concluded that:

“Security of the person” must include a right of access to medical treatment for a condition representing a danger to life or health without fear of criminal sanction. If an Act of Parliament forces a person whose life or health is in danger to choose between, on the one hand, the commission of a crime to obtain effective and timely medical treatment and, on the other hand, inadequate treatment or no treatment at all, the right to security of the person has been violated.

Alcohol Has Killed Thousands Of People Since This Morning. Pot Use Has Killed Zero Since Forever.

Laws never stopped me at age 14 from smoking cannabis, but by the age of 17, I lost interest and have not smoked it since. The new laws won’t stop kids today either. The best way to protect our children is to keep them informed and educate then outside of the indoctrination they face all day in school.  I use low THC raw cannabis for health and medicinal reasons only. Yet, I am deemed a criminal for this and for helping people just like me who would otherwise be dead, sick and/or wishing they were dead.

Many of us live in fear of our Police and Government over these bad policies and I am ashamed of the direction Canada is headed. I am afraid for my daughter that her Dad will be locked up for standing tall and doing what is right, but I would be a hell of a lot more afraid for her if I was a complacent and immoral coward ready to bow to the corrupt and outright evil drug laws of Canada. My girl is proud of her Dad with good reason. Over the years, my friends and I havewe provided genuine care for people and have always been poor yet still always been able to help others.

If our very own municipalities and BC Governments will outright defy the Federal Government as they have in licensing Cannabis Dispensaries, how then can anyone/you/me that knows what we know just be silent and let them roll over and destroy another generation.

I WILL NOT BE SILENCED, PLEASE JOIN ME! Let us all simply ignore their archaic cannabis legislation. We all know what right and have no need to pretend these morons in Ottawa know better than We the People.

Alcohol Has Killed Thousands Of People Since This Morning. Pot Use Has Killed Zero Since Forever. Canada


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