Canadian Veterans need our support

Canadian Cannabis offers 11% off for Vets. Please provide your Canadian Veteran ID at check out upload. To acquire the 11% discount code Veterans will need to email us first. email support

We understand your pain. I lost a very good friend to PTSD and suffer debilitating trauma myself and with Canadian Governments money grab and short fall we are the ones to suffer. Cannabis is effective in many ways it is the only solution. CBD is the only thing helps me with my pain and we will help Vets find whats best for them. Its not always the best weed its the best for you and that maybe more THC or more CBD and all strains are not the same.

Limits will come into effect this May, reducing individual vets’ prescription coverage from ten grams per day, to no more than 3 grams a day, and imposing a coverage cap of $8.50 per gram. Veterans with medical approval will still be able to purchase medical cannabis beyond these limits, but at their own expense and so we feel a need to make ourselves available with better prices yet AGAIN to pick up where policy is failing Canadian vets yet again.

Veterans Affairs Canada says there is simply not enough clinical data to justify a 10 gram a day allowance, and that the new rules will bring veterans’ prescriptions in line with other Canadians, who are rarely prescribed more than three grams per day. I would say they have not spent any time looking as we find endless data and first hand user support or are they saying Vets are dishonest too? Would Government rather buy opiates, anti-depressants, and a raft of other pharmaceuticals, sadly it seems so. Lets leave dosage to the patients and the doctors and get government out of medicine and monopolies.

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