Calgary ready for legalized weed, says Nenshi as premiers consider asking for an extension

‘We can make it work, but it is a tight timeline,’ mayor says of city’s preparations for July 2018 target date

Naheed Nenshi cannabis

Naheed Nenshi cannabis

Manitoba’s premier may not be ready for legal marijuana but Calgary’s mayor says his city is.

“We’ll continue to make sure our bylaws are ready to go,” Mayor Naheed Nenshi told CBC News.

So its gonna be tough not arresting and hassling people over cannabis use and sales? PLEASE! Vancouver has out right ignored Federal Government and its archaic laws in favour of helping people and licensing.  If Vancouver Municipality can ignore Federal Laws and Mayor Gregor Robertson is not going to prison then neither should anyone yet all across Canada AND Calgary people are, so lets not applaud this trendy Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshr too much.


Calgary’s mayor blasted Canada Day as “the stupidest possible day” for the federal government to make cannabis legal and said he believes Albertans should be 21 before they’re allowed to purchase marijuana for recreational use.

I feel some more context is important as Nenshi has had more to say seems relevant.


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